My son doesn’t seem worried about his exams at all, he doesn’t seem to be doing any revision yet, he said it’s too soon and he’ll get into it later, I’m worried he’s leaving it all too late, what can I do?

Whilst revision doesn't need to start in earnest until April earlier on students should be working hard at home. Starting revision sooner rather than later doing little and often prevents a rush at the end to cram. There is the matter of getting any unfinished coursework in first and starting to revise the topics done back in year 10 that will need a lot of work to remember as well as keeping up with the ongoing homework tasks- some departments will have set up a programme of past paper for students to be working through now, check their journal, see what they have been asked to do and talk to your child about ‘how can I help you get this done?' as a first approach.

Make it as easy as possible for your child to settle down to work, make sure there are all the pens and pencils, try to keep the noise and distractions down in the home from siblings, try to free up the family computer for a fair allocation of time for everyone.

As we get closer to the exams if your child has not done this themselves sit down and plan a formal study timetable with them with planned meal breaks and importantly physical exercise and fun planned in. examGive rewards for sticking to it, this can help reassure you and them that they are doing enough and that they can relax each evening. Get your child to be prepared to say no to the social life for just a few short weeks- the parties after exams will be all the more enjoyable knowing they have given it their all.

Make a point of having a short conversation with your child every day about school and if they got the most out of the day- what you read on e-portal can help you challenge them if they attempt to pull the wool over your eyes but it's important to stay as positive and supportive as you can to help your child- offer them a ‘team approach' with the deal that ‘we'll get through this together'.