Drama Short Fat KS4

Students studying a ‘Short Fat’ option take a GCSE qualification in 1 academic year in an intensive course with 5 timetabled hours a week.

The end of year target for short fat courses is always the same as their GCSE end of KS4 target grades.

As students should aim to be working at this target level as soon as possible we have not included a progress path graph.

You should expect to see a steady improvement towards the target level throughout the year and students should work with this final goal in mind throughout the course.

Drama is currently delivered over a one year ‘Short Fat’ course and it is greatly beneficial if students have done either the BTEC Performing Arts course or have considerable outside school experience prior to taking the course.

The GCSE Edexcel course comprises 3 Units.

After an initial introduction to the Programme of Study (giving students an understanding of the drama strategies, elements and medium that are used throughout the course) Units 1 and 2 both combine assessed practical exploratory work alongside accompanying written coursework.  However Unit 1 is theme based, whilst Unit 2 is text based.

For Unit 2 students also write an analysis of a live performance.

In Unit 3 students undertake an acting assessed group performance of about 20 minutes (or follow a performance support option), marked by a visiting examiner, usually in May of the examined year.

There is no final written exam in drama.

The half-termly grade is an holistic assessment of their written, practical and performance work as judged against the GCSE criteria.  As assessment work is completed towards the final grade this is calculated into the half termly grade.  It can be the case, therefore, that grades are considerably below target until Christmas as they get to grips with the course but should fall in line by this stage.