Religious Studies Y9 KS3

Types of Assessments used

As students enter the school in Year 7, the department will do a baseline assessment to identify in general the students level of religious knowledge and understanding.

In each year of Key Stage 3 the department has been developing units of work based on the Curriculum Guidance from the Bishops of England & Wales.

For each unit there will be an assessment of students’ knowledge, understanding and evaluative skills using the levels provided by the Bishops of England & Wales.

Assessments may take the form of an end of unit test or be based on continual assessment in the unit or a group of marks from various pieces of work identified by the teachers in the Scheme of Learning.

Assessments and Grades used for progress tracking

Levels will be awarded to students based on the assessments.

These will be recorded on electronic markbooks at school.

Over the course of the year, all the results will be continuously added together to give an average level.  This average level will be the one used to report to parents at each of the 6 monitoring times through the year for progress tracking.